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Who Is Apostle. Jerome A. Hall Sr. (His Bio)
Bio Of Our Apostle/Pastor Jerome A. Hall Sr.


Apostle/Pastor Jerome A. Hall Sr.

Jerome A. Hall was born on December 27th 1959 to Arthur L. Hall Sr. and Mary L. Pittman (Hall) Of Cleveland Ohio, born to his parents were 9 children, and out of them was 7 Boys and 2 Girls, out of which 4 Preachers came of which 3 have accepted their calling and are working in their ministries.

At the age of 15 years old Jerome A. Hall Recieved Salvation and later was baptised with the Holy Ghost and was baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost according to Matthews 28:19. Brother J. A. Hall was called into the ministry @ the age of 17 years of age and acknowledged his calling @ the age of 18 years old. After hearing the voice of the Lord saying to me "I Want You To Tell It" and I answered what do you want me to tell Lord, and the Lord repeated it again to me the same way, He said "I Want You To Tell It"! and I repeated my questioned to the Lord what do you want me to tell. and he said I want you to preach my word, and then he the Lord started showing me in dreams and in visions I was flying very high in the sky over high mountains and over the clouds and that went on for days showing me flying and then I was placed on a wall with a sword in my hands as my knees were bent as I was turning my head and eyes watching for the enemy, and as a man watching over the flock of God as a watchmen. And as I grew in the word of God, many times in fasting and praying, the Lord allowed as much as 4 to 5 times men and prophets started ministering to me telling me I have been called into the ministry, some would say how come I'm not preaching yet. As I was on my way to a revival meeting I had just spoke to those saints and told them God Just told me to preach again, he already said it to me many times but this night he said it and I told them. and when we all went in the church a prophet was there named Bobby Dawson I just met him that night after service and as he was preaching he stop and looked in my direction and said what are you waiting on, how come you are not preaching yet. I looked at the people I came in the church with and they said praise God. As time went on I Started preaching the gospel and conducting revivals in Ohio for different pastor's and Supt.'s souls where saved and filled with the Holy Ghost Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Healings where manifested in his services. @ the age of 31 years old he received his Ordaination License by the late Bishop William Morgan James of Ohio North # 1 Jurisdiction in the year 1990. from that time to receiving his Pastor's Appointment in 1996 Pastor Hall has started a prison ministry as the spirit moved on him, and during the time he help about 100 souls come to Christ Jesus within a years time of his prison ministry. some got out and maintained their salvation. Pastor Hall went on to started his church in 1994 out of his basement before he recieved his pastor appointment. 5 years later around the end of December of the year 1999 Pastor Hall left from Ohio to Worster Mass. found Mt. Sinai COGIC. after moving I joined up with Mt. Sinai in 2001 and came under the umbrella of the Mt. Sinai Church Of God In Christ Pastored by 1st Administrative Asst. Supt. Robert L. Webbs Sr. and in 2002 under the leadership of Bishop Robert L. Webbs Sr. He Pastor's Abundant Life Ministries Church Of God In Christ Inc. for the last 25 years and just recently his ministry and congregation has purchased their first church edifice 339 Mountain Rd. Concord NH 03301 and has plans to liquidate the mortgage in less time that is projected. Pastor Hall has seeded 3 churches from Abundant Life Ministries, and is asking for your prayers. He has been preaching the gospel for 35 years and pastoring for 28. your prayers are welcomed!

Pastor Jerome A. Hall Sr. and Evangelist Juanita D. Daniels (Hall) Married on March 14th 2003 - 2022 19 years this March 

But winning souls have been the number one thing that's on Pastor Hall's Mind and is working towards that in to win the lost at any cost with the Lord's help of Course. but the souls we have are blessed and the people are learning the word and coming to know Jesus in a better way, and many have recieved salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. without compromise. pray that Pastor/Supt Jerome A. Hall Sr. will lead the people of LORD to the plateau that Jesus is expecting! 

2. The 3rd Oldest Son Pastor Jerome A. Hall Sr. Out of Concord New Hampshire was made a Superintendent by Bishop Robert L. Webbs Sr. Of The Greater New Hampshire Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, he was installed in the year 2005 as the District Superintendent and for the past 17 years has been the Superintendent over the Power House District and I thank God for our State Prelate.

 Supt. Jerome A. Hall Sr. Son Aspiring Minister Jerome A. Hall Jr. has been called into the ministry at an early age of 12 years old and need your prayers! Supt. & First Lady Hall Has 3 other sons that are called into the ministry and is asking for your prayers in this matter!

God Bless You!