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Becoming A Member

God bless you and thank you for wanting to know what is required to becoming a member of our church.

In order to become a member, all one has to do is ask to join

And the Pastor or someone he designates will take you through the steps of

officially connecting as a member!

Now in order to become a christian one must confess his or her sins before God

Asking Jesus to forgive him or her of their sins.

and by confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead and you have sinned before God and is Godly Sorry for their sins,

opens the door for repentance and exceptance into the Kingdom of God and our Church.

We believe in supporting the church with Tithes and offerings and your financial contributions will be recorded for your taxes and a record of your contributions will be given to you upon your request!


After becoming a member there is a 5 Week New Members Class that will teach you about the church and it's beliefs and who we are and it is reccommended that all new members attend!