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Operation Payoff 2019 - 2025
Sharathon 2019 - 2025 Celebration Announcements
Abundant Life Ministries Sharathon Announcements



Sharathon 2019 - Has been a great start for our ministry and our membership is growing with men and women that are  reaching out to the neighborhood for  support and we are hopeful. for the sharathon 2019 we hope to reach our goals at a whopping  100%  of  completion of our  goals  and thanks to all that participated in this years 2019 sharathon!

We have upcoming  months of Sharathon in the bew year 2019 our Goals and Challenges are $.12,000 Plus for the every year of  2019 - 2025 For Principle Payment Only!

All who are God fearing men and women that understand the work are ask to help our ministries with your to praying about it and we would love to be in partnership with you and together we are better!


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Our 6Th Annual Power House District Conference Revival Come together for some power packed Sermon's and Services. this 6 Day event will be a memorable one, the number 8 is the number of new beginings and I know the Lord is up to something Great! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE ARE SERVING!